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Tuesday, August 17, 2021

My Review of "The Fallen Banner: Part I of the Chronicles of Aerothos" by Rob F. Nugent

The Fallen Banner: Part I of the Chronicles of AerothosThe Fallen Banner: Part I of the Chronicles of Aerothos by Robert F. Nugent
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Fallen Banner is sweeping in design. Fans of George R. R. Martin to the front! Like Martin's Song of Ice and Fire, the Fallen Banner tells the story of a vast continent through many point of view characters: a common soldier, a prince, a queen, a princess, others. As the continent fractures between multiple nations and war unfolds, each character is seen in their struggles to come to grips with the results, whether they fight or flee.

This isn't a book with elves or dragons. Rather, it is medieval warfare come to life in gritty detail and strategy. The author demonstrates a firm grasp of swordsmanship and armor. And yet, it isn't all in broad strokes. The characterizations are distinct and interesting, and you are swept along their personal stories.

It is a very long novel, but it is worth sticking with it. The tale continues into the sequel, and I am definitely purchasing the next one to see how the story progresses.

Cheers and happy reading!  

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